Love and war in the frozen towers

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February 20, 2018
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Love and war in the frozen towers

This is a transcript from the interview with John and Chee Mei on the official Traitquest podcast channel

Note: Traitquest does not have a podcast channel (John and Chee Mei are not real people- any resemblance to anyone alive or dead or in the workforce is purely coincidental)

Note Note: We might set up a podcast channel if you ask us nice (or bribe us with cookies and muffins)

HOST: We’re here with John and Chee Mei from (company name omitted) to talk about conflict resolution. How are you guys?

JOHN: Fine thank you

CHEE MEI: I’m good!

HOST: Awesome! First of all, maybe you could tell me what your take on conflict in the workplace is? John, why don’t you start?

JOHN: Ok, sure. Basically, we’re talking about the rat race right? And the rat race is kind of like a Game of Thrones situation sometimes

ALL: Laughs

HOST: I’m sure we can agree with that

JOHN: Yeah, it’s not too far from reality you know. There’s ‘Starks’ and ‘Lanisters’, lone-wolfs like ‘the hound’ all at each other’s necks, finger pointing about who upset a client or who stank up the toilet cubicles after lunch…

ALL: Laughs

JOHN: But anyway, I won’t spoil Game of Thrones for those who haven’t seen it.

HOST: Alright. Chee Mei, maybe you have something to add?

CHEE MEI: Well, I agree with John. The workplace is sometimes like our own little cinematic stage with high stakes and drama too.

JOHN: Finding out who’s involved and how to dissolve the conflicts that happen in the citadel right?

CHEE MEI: Exactly!

HOST: Ok, great. John, maybe you can begin by telling me how you got started with (company name omitted)

JOHN: Well, it was actually my first job. I’d always wanted to be in sales cause I was told by my older brother that the amount of money you can make is unlimited because it’s all commission based. Anyway, the office, we all call it the frozen towers because it’s really cold inside) is an events company and I was basically dealing with selling booth space.

HOST: Cool. How about you Chee Mei?

CHEE MEI: For me, I’d been in the company for about 3 months before John joined us. I was doing booth space sales, exactly the same as John.

HOST: Nice! Ok, now let’s get to the good part. Tell me how the conflict began and how y’all got it sorted out and became best friends after that. Apparently you guys are engaged now and getting married next month too is that correct?

JOHN: Yes, that’s correct


JOHN: Basically it was the first day of my first job, I beat the punch in time by about thirty minutes, you know, usual gung ho first day power.

ALL: Laughs

JOHN: Anyway, I was standing in line at the cafeteria inside the frozen towers with my hotdog breakfast and this girl bought the exact same hotdog from the cafeteria and stood right behind me in line. After chatting, I found out that Chee Mei had been working in the frozen towers for three months and was also selling booth space so I figured she must know things.

CHEE MEI: We got along just fine at first, I noticed John kept to himself most of the time. He was pretty much the lone wolf at the office.

JOHN: Yup. I stuck to my own stuff, did my phone calls, cold calling, doing research, building up my client database. Anyway, for two whole months, I built up my client database and then one horrible day (I still remember it). This was about five days before the event, I came to the office one day and found that all of the new leads I was about to close had all been contacted and all those deals had already been closed. I asked those clients who had contacted them and they said it was a girl named Chee Mei. I think my blood was boiling at that time.

HOST: So what did you do?

JOHN: Well, I thought that there are many ways I can tackle this situation. I’ve always been a diplomatic person and I like harmony.

CHEE MEI: Yeah, I agree and I was actually surprised by how John approached me. I knew that he would find out eventually but the way he handled it was totally different from other people in the company.

JOHN: Basically, I just quietly went straight to Chee Mei, leaving personal emotions and feelings aside. She told me that’s just how things work around here. Can you believe it?

HOST: No! Talk about a toxic work culture!

JOHN: Exactly. I told her that and I said that there are better ways to do things. We basically reached an agreement and decided to split some sales between us. It was a win-win situation.

CHEE MEI: Anyway, the management of (company name omitted) has changed now because of that actually. Many people were unhappy and like you said there was definitely a toxic environment before the new management from the parent company took over.

HOST: So there you have it. Love blossoms in the frozen towers.

ALL: Laughs

HOST: There are hundreds, if not millions of conflicts like John’s and Chee Mei’s. These can be found in sales, creative departments, even in management. Not everyone can have such a unique and happy ending to their conflicts. So those of you that aspire to enjoy every day at the office, don’t let conflicts get in the way. These two handled it well. You can too. We hope you enjoyed the show. Thanks for listening everyone and thank you too John and Chee Mei and congratulations on your engagement and wedding!

JOHN: Thank you!

CHEE MEI: Thank you!


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