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April 19, 2018
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Boss fight!

You can’t get past this level until the boss has been defeated. You know the frustration you get when having your hundredth try at a boss fight in a video game.

Just like video game bosses, workplace bosses often have powers and skills that you just can’t predict until you’re in the heat of the battle.

You just have to try and get the hang of it. Some bosses are straight out of Dead Souls 2, others are much easier. Some of them send minions out to get you while they sit back and laugh.

Others just throw fireballs and do things that really tick you off like incapacitating you and then finishing you off with another fireball.

The weekend has come but you’re sitting in the living room, obsessively and rather unhealthily thinking about this…

In reality, the office is no video game (sorry to burst your bubble).

Winning in the workplace is not the ‘fist the air and yell “you suck, loser!”’ moment you’d expect from a night in front of the Xbox Live.

In the office, winning a boss fight is a little more subtle and boring. It usually doesn’t mean you’ve made him disappear in a flash of lightning or caused him to melt into a pool of slime.

Usually it means you’ve made your boss nod and smile at you or pat you on the back (and sometimes even that might be a false win).

Video game bosses can teach you a thing or two about real bosses. Just make sure you don’t end up unemployed in the second round…

Maintain your frustration levels and listen to what your boss is actually saying

Listen to what your boss has to say. Even if he’s yelling it out, keep your cool and really try to understand the basis of his message. Remember, your boss has more appraisals than you, often gets asked about your performance (while you only have to think of yourself) and will often be the one with the most interest in covering for you if and when you mess up.

Identify the boss’s weak spots

In video games, beating the boss may involve a flurry of blows from your sword to his knee cap while he’s loading up for the next attack.

In the office however, beating your boss will more likely involve knowing what quality of work he/she is looking for.

Also, your boss’ Achilles heel may be different from another boss. Some have a soft spot for employees that reply to them in a controlled manner and display a docile attitude. Others prefer employees who know how to counter criticism with proof.

Some bosses will just let you off the hook for a batch of homemade muffins (this is really just bribing your way out of trouble and into his/her soft spot- that’s like a cheat code).

Watch your health bar

In video games, if your health bar runs out, it’s game over. In the rat race what you really have to watch out for are stress levels.

If this bar hits the bottom, you’re in the doctor’s office, not just underperforming but probably out for the count (and maybe even out of a job).

Stress affects your health, so be sure to take your health potions if you’re running low.

What this means is a little more ‘me’ time.

On the weekends and in those hours outside of work, take some time to kick back and enjoy life.

Read a book. Mow the lawn or play some video games and beat those pesky level 10 bosses.

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