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Quest of The Intrepreneur

The security of a salary trumps the uncertainty of entrepreneurship any day. However, with just a simple shift in mindset, a stroke of good fortune and a few slick moves, Tim is about to discover the powers that come with owning his new role within an organization. Tim is about to become an ‘intrepreneur’.

Join us as we embark on a hypothetical journey through hypothetical land with our hypothetical hero in this, the (super serious, made up but still quite realistic) redemption story of Tim.

Being an intrepreneur entails growing your career within an organization the same way you would your own business.

The hero of this journey of transformation, discovery and self awareness (worthy of the most Christopher Nolan of the Christopher Nolan origin tales…) begins in rather unremarkable circumstances as ‘that guy’ in the production line of the diaper factory.

As a kid, Tim would often be found doodling in his scrapbook during classes, whereupon he was promptly dispatched to the principle’s office a little too frequently. These formative years had a profound impact on the young Tim and as a result, he learned to keep his special power to himself.

Years later, dusting of that tattered scrapbook of faded doodles once again, Tim launches a desperate bid to convince his parents to no avail as they enrol him into a degree in programming, ignoring his timid pleas to study graphic design and illustration.

Unfortunately, due to him being inherently computer illiterate (a fact he would quite impressively manage to keep hidden from his parents throughout the entire duration of his studies), Tim sadly got zeroed out of the highly competitive (highly saturated) market for skilled coders and soon had to settle into a factory job to tide him over while he found his bearings.

Which brings us to the first point in the quest.

We find Tim at the assembly line, crafting out diapers, shoulders drooped, beads of sweat on his forehead, bags under his eyes and his dreams far behind him.

Or are they…

Product/market fit

Tim is on the verge of finding out that as an intrepreneur, you are the product. Your output and skill sets determine your standing in the market. Your customers (employers) will readily forget about you (or pass you over for that raise or shiny new office) if you cease to remain relevant.

Never stop learning. Today, with the vast array of tools at your disposal, you no longer have an excuse to not keep leveling up and to not keep the contents of your cv tip top. Remember Tim, lifelong learning is your friend…

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with making diapers for a living by the way. However, Tim needs to be able to find a niche that fits with his abilities and his aspirations if he is to grow and bloom.

As he will soon learn, it also helps to have passion for what you do because (as any entrepreneur will tell you), passion can be the deciding factor between success and failure and not to mention, can make a huge difference in keeping you going during times of challenge when all you want to do is binge on cheetos and watch marathon episodes of ‘Friends’.

We meet Tim while he’s hunched squarely over the production line, cradling a fresh batch of adjustable velcro disposables when suddenly (and for no discernible reason), the moment of truth finally dawns upon him.

That very day when his shift ends, Tim tells his boss his thoughts. Surprisingly, his boss says ok and in a week. Tim is fresh out of a job, a mixture of apprehension and excitement tingling throughout his body.

Tim’s quest towards intrepreneurship has now begun…

Take the plunge

The following week, Tim comes across an advertisement on social media that reads, “Tee shirt designs and printing.”

Which brings us to our next point in the quest. You know what they say about the journey of a thousand miles…

Just as you can’t build a business if you haven’t got some kind of an idea that the market wants what you have to offer, it is equally as important to take that first vital step.

It may be scary at first (ask any business owner what taking the plunge was like for them) but the good news is that as an intrepreneur you may not have to end up with the same psychological strain that some entrepreneurs face.

Intrepreneurship can be just as rewarding as entrepreneurship (cause let’s face it, not everyone is cut out for the life of an entrepreneur).

The intrepreneur is driven by more than a mere paycheck. For companies, spotting and harnessing nascent intrepreneurship is a talent in itself.

Tim can’t have his heart in tee shirts and his job in a diaper factory without something having to give. So, he calls the tee shirt company and as it turns out, he’s in luck, they’re hiring.

Is it sequel time yet?

Unlike Wolverine, Tim’s origin story is not a tragic one (who says happy endings don’t happen anymore?) and now, day in, day out, Tim is living in the sort of dream you get tucked away under warm covers while a storm rages outside .

He’s taking in eyefuls of all the cool designs and (possibly due to the attention to detail he cultivated in the diaper factory) the finished products he churns out gain the praise of his superiors and colleagues.

It’s a much smaller working environment than he’s become accustomed to but Tim couldn’t be any happier.

He’s finally finding it easier to get along with the people he works with, getting involved with activities outside the workplace, getting to know the designers, learning, growing and generally having a blast.

Don’t forget, Tim has done time on the operational side of things through his work at the factory and even though his forte lies in illustration, Tim has an eye for spotting the best way around getting stuff done.

Interestingly enough, Tim discovers that a brand new super power has been unlocked during the process of his quest towards intrepreneurship.

Tim has started getting new ideas, reaching new perspectives and insights on how some of the in-house designs can be made better and how the company can begin to invest in new machinery as well as more quality textiles (again, probably due to his diaper background – all experience is good experience!). Because of his inherent drive towards intrepreneurship in his new field, he’s also become a rockstar at soaring through a performance appraisal.

Tim conveys his ideas to the designers and the boss and slowly but surely, the small office/team that Tim works with begins to see him for what he has now become. An agent of cool, innovative, creative and efficient.

In a span of just three years, Tim gets a promotion (without even asking) and today, he’s the company’s ‘General Manager of Creativity’ (a new role created just for him and that he was given the privilege of naming).

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