Your Workplace Personality as an MMORPG Character

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January 19, 2018
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Your Workplace Personality as an MMORPG Character

This morning your alarm clock rang as usual and you got ready to leave for the daily grind but little did you know you were about to be transported into a magical, mysterious land full of hidden treasures and perilous dangers…

If you haven’t noticed yet, look around. Your workplace is made up of safe zones (cubicles and coffee machines), PvP matches (office politics), clans (departments), clan leaders (managers, bosses, supervisors) and much more.

The personalities and characters you interact with at work are actually berserker orcs, archer elves, human warriors, healers, mages, tanks and rogues. If you pay attention, you may even notice those cute, little fur-ball creatures that shouldn’t be involved in battles but kick ass anyway. Clocking in to begin your weekly adventure is not that much different from Tera online, World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2…

Start thinking of your 9 to 5 as an MMORPG and you will find that opportunities to level up abound.

Your office space is the town/village/home city (the spawning zone). The projects you take on are your quests. Clients are the NPCs handing out these quests. Your team is your party. Your job scope is your character class and your personality is your race. Elves are the noble, peaceful and optimistic race, orcs are loud obnoxious buttholes and humans are the down to earth, stable, sane characters that anchor down this crazy but all too familiar world.

Now, before you depart upon your quest player, ask yourself, which character type are you and which character types make up the bulk of your party.

We’ve compiled a guide to get you started understanding some of the more popular character classes that can be spotted in the workplace.

The Novice

The new kid. Wet behind the ears, fresh off the boat. Yup, we’re talking about the intern. This slightly blumbering character spawns deriously into the town square looking like he just popped out of his mother’s womb, wide-eyed and apprehensive, watching the high-level players decked out in their shiny armor and toting flashy weapons. All the novice has are a few rags and a dagger. He begins the game slogging away at insignificant mobs (monsters) like two-legged rabbits and yellow baby birds, trying to grab some unremarkable exp points and gold as the veteran players look on in amusement.

He’s new to the office and largely clueless about how things work. He aspires to someday wield the double fire-blades of destruction and ride the flying fire-horse of doom but does he have what it takes to climb to that level? Novice, only time will tell…

The Human Knight

That’s Philip, the project manager with the blue polka dot tie. When he dons his golden armor, he’s Philip the destroyer. In the party, he’s the one calling the shots. He’s on top of budgets and scope. He’s a well-balanced class with his eyes on the prize always. The performance of the party as a whole and a single-minded mission to fulfill their objectives is what drives him at work. Every once in awhile, he will let loose a deadly war cry that buffs up the party’s defences, health points and strength. He is not to be messed with.

The Healer Elf

You wake up in a bad mood one morning. Your cubicle neighbor, Christie, skips in wearing her usual big, shiny smile. She brought you coffee and some homemade muffins. She talks about stuff that’s got nothing to do with the mission, like her cat. You open up about how stressed out you are or about the office politics ramming you into a corner. She talks you down. Your mood’s better. You’ve been healed, touched by a very special character class, the healer elf. Your day has been saved. You’re back in the game.

The Sexy Rogue

Not much is known about this character class except that they’re there to distract you from your quests. Be extra vigilant!

The Orc Berserker

That’s Bob, the operations manager, Philip’s right-hand man. He’s big and has the voice of a cannon. He pummels his way unfazed through the mobs and hordes around him. He’s an efficient worker, wields a battleaxe and can fight to no end (meaning until 5am).

The Popori Mage

In Tera online, the Popori are a race of tiny humanoid animals. In your spawning zone (the office), Alex the graphic designer is the Popori Mage, working cryptic magic from behind his computer terminal and he’s a funny guy to boot, cracking quick, witty one-liners much to the amusement of his quest companions.

Aside from these character classes, there are more. Look around you next time you’re at the office and see if you can spot a few. You might even catch a glimpse of a brand new, undocumented character class. Take note as you level up. Things are about to get interesting…


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