Millennials at Workplace, Over-hyped or Underrated?

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April 8, 2017
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Millennials at Workplace, Over-hyped or Underrated?

Recently, Simon Sinek world renowned management Guru has expressed in an interview video that scored more than 60 mil views worldwide. Millennials Workplace in case you miss it.

As management myself, it strikes me hard did we ever try to understand them? Corporates and Enterprises are fast paced work environment, we need to get things done. We are constantly immersed with tons of paperwork , meetings and deadlines. I have to say, let’s leave the nitty-gritty of emotional needs to HR.

As leaders, we failed.

Changing our mindset are essential when it comes to different style of management skills. Most businesses rely on biggest assets ever found ” People”, unless you would rather work with robots or bots now.

Millennials are not lazy, just misunderstood According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the top of the pyramid would be Self-Actualisation follow by Esteem. An ideal workplace must fulfil their esteem which refers to Self Esteem, Confidence, Achievement and Respect for each other. By providing these qualities, assert the millennial that the role they are playing in this company serve a purpose.

Engagement and Performance software can both provide the solution. Gone were the days of paperwork and appraisals. Effective employees need to be actively feed with results how well they performed and compare to their peers. Achievements based assessment will boost their confidence, it motivates and encourage employees to perform better and strive for more. As an organisation grows, business value and work culture are very important. Communication are lost most of the time and we have forgotten how to acknowledge accomplishment even small one. Appraisals and compliments are only given to those results that drive the most success to the company. Even small accomplishments must always be observed and praised, that can be only achieved if we logged, tracked and traced. Engagement system does more that just receiving feedback but providing humanizing part that is lacking in the corporate environment only focus on how to increase sales, work faster and make it happen.

Self- Actualisation addresses morality, experience purpose and having meaning or inner potential. By having proper performance management system, an individual are able to identify their lack of quality or knowledge to perform in their required roles. Businesses need engaged employee.

An engaged staff can out perform and deliver more than a satisfied staff. That makes him a great worker. That great worker worth 3 times more than mediocre.

Retain THEM !!!

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