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TraitQuest is a gamification software that increases employee performance and engagement.

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Why Us for Employee

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Personal Skill Development

Grow and level up your team's digital skills. Everyone wants a promotion, your team members are no exception.
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Achievement & Recognition

Recognize your team members' effort & achievements by sending thank you cards or unique rewards to celebrate their mini victories.
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Rewards & Bonuses

Create custom or seasonal bonuses and rewards for your selective teams across your company to bring everyone together.

Level up your team with new skills

Grow and develop new knowledge and skills via customizable learning progression. And, eliminating stagnation among your team.

Show recognition across the board

Get started by designing unique achievements, badges or send thank you publicly or privately for displaying appreciation.

Our Success Stories

‘A gamechanger even during the pandemic.’

‘We managed to increase engagement internally by 79.2% during this COVID-19 season with their team's gamification process.’
June Beh, Director of Partner Resource @ Starbucks

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