Business & Human Capital SOLUTION

- We are more than just a Human Capital Management system
"TraitQuest aims to bridge the gap between employee and employer relationship - by managing employee performances, engaging employees, and retaining talents."

Empower your human capital and drive your business

Align corporate strategies, maintain good execution process, retain talents and guide them with good culture


Empowering SME with results

TraitQuest helps to drive more productivity with clearly communicated expectation and linked to company goal. Action and task driven performance by employees results in a Performance based Culture

What Do We Offer


To help you strategize your business goals


To empower execution driving the productivity

TraitQuest Engagement & Corporate Communication

To cultivate the culture enabling business continuity

TraitQuest Talent Management & Succession Planning

To recruit and retain high performance talents

Multi-Level Engagement Platform

To enhance the engagement and interaction among people

Employee Development And Empowerment

To assist the employee in self development and empowerment

Peak Performance And Change Management

To produce accurate reports to monitor your business performance

Time Management System

To accurately clock in and clock out with the technology of Geolocation

What Makes Us Unique


TraitQuest built on Fun, Ease of use and Best Practices


TraitQuest focuses on “Retention of staff strategies”


TraitQuest drives accurate data collection with employee engagement strategy and increase staff retention rate


Performance Risk and Indicators

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